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"Working with Scarlet is a Beautiful Experience.  She is wise, compassionate and loving.  She will gently guide you to further embody your innate perfection and step more fully into the life you came here to live and create with ease and Grace.

Kim L.
"Scarlet's Presence seems to be equal measure practicality and Spirit.  The Creative power runs through her with great strength, yet she does not come across as forceful but rather receptive, responsive and grounded.  I found her feedback to my conundrum very useful."

Anna Louise B, C.

"Scarlet's White Fox Medicine creations are quite magical! They are the absolute best that I have ever used.  The ingredients are high quality and masterfully put together for the perfect healing combination. The collaboration of plants work together to raise my vibrations and offer me profound healing.  Scarlet's plant wisdom is evident in each product she creates.  I can truly feel her LOVE and wonderful spirit every time I use one.  That's why I use several of her products several times a day!"

Kim R.

Ashley W.

"I had chronic back pain for years, Scarlet helped me cure myself with her herbal remedies and showing me what parts of my Soul needed more support.  Once I felt supported my pain was gone!"

River L.

"Scarlet was the first person I met that could heal just from her presence.  She is so loving and real once we started to work together my whole health status changed so fast, she helped me with a condition all the western doctors said was permanent.  Now I am 100% healthy!"

Robert M.

"Scarlet is a unique.  She sees this world different and was able to offer me a view that not only healed me but educated me to make wiser future decisions.  I left feeling physically better as well as emotionally stronger.  This I found more profound than the physical healing."

Working with Scarlet is nothing short of Miraculous.  Her ability to transmit pure Source energy is evident in all she offers.  Whether it be an energy reading, plant medicine, one of her virtual or written transmissions or simply being the blessed receiver of one of her prayers.  I highly recommend working with Scarlet Ravin for physical, emotional and Spiritual healing for yourself and those you love including your animals!"

Amory Reed

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