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Lesson One- Foundational Alignment

Lesson Two- Seeing with the Eyes of a Curandera

Lesson Three- Eyes of Curandera Initiation

Lesson Four- Connecting with Elemental Wisdom

Lesson Five- Connecting with Animal Spirits

Lesson Six-  Connecting with Plant Spirits




Lesson One- Mind Training

Lesson Two-  Curandera Values

Lesson Three-  The Great Observer

Lesson Four-  Excelling over Competing

Lesson Five-  Diet and Fasting

Lesson Six-  Making Space for Intuition





Lesson One- Power of Prayer

Lesson Two-  WOW of Gratitude

Lesson Three- Miracles

Lesson Four- Nervous System Wholeness

Lesson Five-  Gifts Back

Lesson Six-  Sacred Spacing




Lesson One- Plant Medicine

Lesson Two- Cannabis and CBD

Lesson Three- Psilocybin

Lesson Four- Ayahuasca and Iboga

Lesson Five- Peyote and Kambo

Lesson Six- Relating to the Medicine as Sacred







Lesson One- Personal Sovereignty

Lesson Two-  Sexual Relations

Lesson Three- Surrendering it All

Lesson Four- Desires and Morphogenetic Fields

Lesson Five- Self Empowerment

Lesson Six-  Complete the Healing Cycle





Lesson One- Compassion and Love for All

Lesson Two- Unity Initiation

Lesson Three- Forgiveness for Freedom

Lesson Four- Recognizing Gifts

Lesson Five- Ascended Helpers

Lesson Six-  Truth about Words





Lesson One- Lightness of Heart

Lesson Two- Be Amused

Lesson Three-  The Point of Existence

Lesson Four-  Playful Potions

Lesson Five- Healthy Surroundings

Lesson Six-  Clean slate of Innocence





Lesson One-  Ceremonial Integration

Lesson Two- Holy Anointing Oil

Lesson Three- Blessings

Lesson Four-  Sacred Witness

Lesson Five- Pure Devotion

Lesson Six- Heavens Gateway

Pricing and Gifts

Course Price $550

When you sign up you get: A Bottle of White Fox Medicinals "Curandera Holy Anointing Oil"

A copy of "Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment"

A Copy of "Psilocybin Transmissions"

A One on One Session for One Hour with Scarlet Ravin

Zoom Link to the Curandera Eyes online community that meets Once a Month for One Hour

The Above offerings will be sent to you via Regular Mail once you complete payment for the Curandera Online Course.  Scarlet will also contact you to book your one on one session 

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Psilocybin Medicine Course Overview

Medicine course advert 11.jpg

Psilocybin is one of the greatest healers we have been given to work with on this Earth!

As many awaken to the Potentials of how this Divine Medicine can help bring them back into wholeness I am here to offer you a week long online course that you can take at your own pace and learn about the potentials of this Healing journey for you!




Overview on how the brain works, how you have two brains and how to summon any answer from the Divine.


The Importance of Mycelium and its impact on your Healing Journey.




Day 2


Micro-Dosing Questions answered

Why I use an Entourage Effect for Healing through Micro-Dosing


How our level of Awareness and Consciousness affects the Healing process with Psilocybin

How Psilocybin is a consciousness Medicine and has the ability to heal way more then we think it heals.





Day 3


How our thoughts create our reality, how Psilocybin can help us upgrade these thoughts to then improve our reality greatly.





Day 4


Deep Dive with Psilocybin!  What does a large dose feel like, how to prepare and what to do if your trip feels uncomfortable.


Meet a Medicine Woman that will lovingly take you on a deep dive healing journey.





Day 5


What I have seen Psilocybin Heal

Factors that may contribute to how Psilocybin makes you feel.

Detoxing or lack thereof

Mental Beliefs and Attitudes

Overall Vitality

Day 6

Extra activities with Psilocybin, hiking, hot spring soaking, massages and sex.



Day 7

Integration, how to integrate and get the most out of your healing journey

COST: $11

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