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In the Curandera Online Course do we learn about Psilocybin and how it heals?

Yes!  In this online course I will go over how Psilocybin heals people from the Soul level, then that is transferred into the physcial body for really abundant healing, and change for the better.  We speak to how to dose, when to do and how profound it is to create a relationship with this healing Medicine we have been given.

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Do I have to have any previous healer or herbal experience to be able to understand this course?

Definitely not.  This course has been designed to serve everyone on this planet, no matter what their current understanding level is.  Unfortunately in this current world, there is no offering to school and learn how to grow spiritually, it is left out of every school system the government offers humanity.  It is because of this I offer this course, so that people have a structured place to learn everything I learned about Spiritual growth over the past 40 years.  You will get very close to your Higher Self in this course and once the course is complete you will have a whole new idea of how to walk in this world while not suffering.

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What does the one on one session look like during the program?

While you move through this online school for your Soul, things may arise that you want clarity on, or a healing that you want support with.  The one on one session offering from Scarlet is a way to feel fully held and seen while you go through this program.  Many times it looks like you asking questions or sharing your story, and Scarlet responding with a clear mirror of how incredible your light is.  This is very healing in it of itself and can boost your Soul to new bright heights.  The program also comes with a monthly zoom community that you can join once you sign up for the class.  This community will build and build and we will be able to continue to inspire and support one another in love.  You can also ask Scarlet questions during this monthly call.


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