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Curandera Eyes

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Curandera Eyes is a comprehensive 8 week online course that teaches you how to cultivate the Eyes of a Healer and be of service to those who are suffering in this world. You will strengthen the gifts you have, create a framework to support your Spiritual growth and train your eyes to see and feel the healing of every moment. Normalize Miracles, serve yourself and your fellow man and align your Soul with your Highest Purpose in this lifetime. That is how a Curandera walks the Earth and this course will give you an opportunity to learn how to walk in a Sacred Healing way. CURANDERO EYES Healing in this day and age is changing, fast. Western Medical doctors seem to know how to mask symptoms with medication but have lost sight on how to find and heal from the root of the issue. As more and more people feel called to end their own suffering, the natural ways of healing and curing oneself are coming back to center stage. Plant medicine from the Earth as well as connecting to your Highest Self, your Soul can heal any physical ailment. One heals by aligning with their Soul and being of open heart. If Western medicine is not going to open their eyes to this fact, that all humans have a soul and require the knowledge and care of this Soul to be completely well then Western Medicine may go extinct.

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